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Adventures in Feeling Young

Two irrepressible  “ladies of-a-certain-age”  taking on the world,  throwing caution to the wind, embracing the absurdity of life, defying convention and happily battering away at the creaky myths of aging. 

We  want to inspire women to do what they love at any age -- and encourage everyone to  jump into the ring, play & ENJOY life.


Bury those “shoulds’” and create impossible scenarios with 

mischievous fun and laughter...


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Pamela Rand is a veteran of theater & film in the US & Europe. Her taste for physical comedy blossomed in her early twenties at Jacques Lecoq’s internationally acclaimed school of movement, mime and theater in Paris, France. By nature a rebel, Rand has an affinity to the irreverent, the wacky and the absurd. Her message  ~ “to impart health and longevity through the power of laughter.” Rand feels fortunate to collaborate with Brooks and carry out the art of “reinventing ourselves and our lives” once more...


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage"  -- Anais Nin  


Creative Whip

A veteran actress, director and lighting designer based in San Francisco, Ellen’s background in physical theater, commedia dell'arte (with the SF Mime Troupe) and Kyogen (classical Japanese comedy with Theater of Yugen) catapulted her into this collaboration with Adventures in Feeling Young!  Irresistibly drawn to irreverence and absurdity ~ she co-creates with Ms. Pamela ~  gleefully tinkering with a conventional world.


Lauren Black


 Lauren Black grew up in the small town of Cotati, California. Even though her city is small Lauren always has had big dreams. She has been in over 30 films;  A versatile actress, Lauren, is loving being Shay and following her “Grandma Pam” as she tries to keep up with all her crazy shenanigans.




1 Eleven Films is a production company based in the San Francisco Bay area. Doing a variety of work from silly skits and weddings to commercial and industrial videos, we are a multi skilled small crew who met in college and around the bay, brought together with a love of film and unique adventures. With individual experiences on many features, commercials, and music videos we can bring high quality film with a small efficient crew.


Brian Bisby: Camera, Editor, Production Manager, Sound

Brandon Delgado: Writer, Camera, G/E

Alana De Ocampo: Sound, Producer, Assistant Director

James Pringle: Writer, Director

Johnny Neira: Writer, Director, Camera. Editor

Connor Vickers: Writer, Director, Camera, G/E

David Wilson: Sound and post production Audio

THANK YOU to those who have helped and supported us along our way:


Andy Wang, Bill Holshevnikoff, Artem Moshke, Adam Bracamonte, Wendy Tasej, Hobi Macquery, JE Anderson, Milton Torres, Bistra Barzakov, Matt Sanchez, Venetta Barzakov, Expressions College, Chris Potter, Kelly Moore Paints, Joy Ambra, Pete's Barbershop, Gina Pandiani, Aldersly Retirement Community, ReCares, Marin Medical Equipment Recyclers, Jen Brooks, Ellen Brooks, Billie Cox, Bianca Jamotte Leroux, Kyra Kozlenko, Ivan Yip, Jared Lopatin, Jay Kishi, David Wilson





Pamela Rand

Ellen Brooks

Lauren Black
Byamba Sumo
Danielle Vierra
Gilda Solve
Joy Ambra
Richard James, Vince Fernandez
Dimari Epps, Miles & Sheldon Epps
Cecil Ogamba, Jose Palacios, Jalen “Pop” Rose


Brian Bisby

James Pringle

Alana de Ocampo

Brandon Delgado

John Neira

Jen Brooks - Website design

Jared Lopatin- LOGO DESIGN

Fiona Mayne – Website desgin

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