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Newest Release!

5 Gallon Grammy

Who will win, Grammy or 5 gallons of water?

Push Play

Salon Visit

Granny goes to the salon for a new bold look.

Granny's Anti Wrinkle Secret Backfires

Mademoiselle Agnes's fool proof French anti wrinkle technique bombs in this beauty show gone wrong.

When Zoom Lessons Drive You to Drinking

Watch how Granny Pam drives her instructor Danielle overboard and ...right to the bottom

Teaching Grandma

the Internets

Spoiler alert! Serious learning curve challenge teaching grandma the internets.


What happens when rushing into the restroom with your arms full from shopping? Find out what the silly grannies are up to this month


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Boxing Grannies

Tonight's feather weight fight is between "Wham Bamm" Pam and "The Heart Throb" Ellen Who will win? Who trained these grannies? Will there be a rematch? Find out tonight!!

Klutzy Granny

Stuck at home this Granny gets her exercise and excitement from her old Hula Chair!

Trippin' Granny

Even when out on a walk, its important for Granny to never lose her grove. Don't let anything trip up your day!

Laptop Killer

Sometimes technology can be more trouble than its worth. This week our lovable Granny tries to fix her laptop.

Community Garden

Flirty Granny Pam is out on the prowl. Beware men, run for your lives!

Troll Factory Grannies

The Grannies find themselves trolling for the Russians. Find them on a social media near you!


Sometimes getting where you're going is tougher than it seems. The struggle is real.


A showdown at the old folks home.


The ladies get creative with travel planning.

Gym Rats

The ladies find a new reason to go to the gym.

Featuring:  Bissie Barzakov & Matt Sanchez 

Sumo Craze

Pam tries her hand at Sumo Wrestling...and kicks some serious butt!


The ladies take on seasonal cleaning of the gutters.

Bugz al Fresco

Experimenting with a new cuisine...Yum??

For Hire

The ladies try a new day job.

Featuring:  Matt Sanchez 

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